Charting The Change In Opinions

Manufacturing Day began with one very important goal; to bring the modern manufacturing industry into the mainstream.

Our challenge is finding ways to educate the public about a dynamic industry they do not understand. The majority of Americans believe that manufacturing is an important sector of the US economy, but far less of them agree that the industry can provide clean, safe, rewarding careers. The Manufacturing Institute, a co-producer of Manufacturing Day, tracks opinions of the industry with their annual Public Perception Index

Changing Opinions By Opening Doors

By showcasing the engaging people and exciting work environments this industry has to offer, we hope to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Visiting an event and learning the reality of day to day operations in a local facility helps these students to realize the potential for a manufacturing career. It also informs the educators and parents who will guide these students as they plan their futures and enter the work force.
We know all of this because we distributed the Deloitte perception survey to more than 2,500 event hosts in 2015. In collaboration with The Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte developed this survey to measure changes in the perception of the industry after attending a Manufacturing Day event. We hope that our 2016 survey responses will show an even more dramatic year over year improvement of attendees’ awareness and positive perceptions.
By hosting events, and asking attendees to take the survey, participating manufacturers are helping us to measure the difference we’ve made. This provides valuable feedback for both the host and the co-producers of Manufacturing Day. Overwhelmingly, our data shows that students who have attended an event are more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities, more assured that jobs in the industry pay well, and more likely to tell friends, family, parents or colleagues about manufacturing.