One of the main goals of Manufacturing Day has always been to get young people motivated to learn more about modern manufacturing. As our event hosts open their doors to student groups, local media, and legislators, they are educating the public about the evolution of manufacturing technology. They are inspiring the next generation of skilled workers.

Shell Eco-Marathon Inspires the Makers of Tomorrow

Each year around this time, we begin to prepare for the next official Manufacturing Day. It’s a collective effort of partners gathering resources, planning our campaigns to recruit new hosts, and connecting manufacturers to their communities. As we work toward growing public awareness of Manufacturing Day, we are supported in part by our sponsors and endorsers.

This year, we are proud to announce that our Platinum Sponsor for 2016 is Shell Lubricants. Not only do they support the Manufacturing Day initiative – they have been actively involved in inspiring young people to innovate for the last 10 years.

This weekend in Detroit, Michigan, teams from across the Americas will gather and compete in the Shell Eco-marathon. Each team strives to design, build, test, and drive the car that will go the furthest on the least amount of fuel.

Student teams benefit from both hands-on experience and from healthy competition as they race their self-built vehicles not for speed -but for efficiency. Collaborating on these innovative designs gives the competitors a deeper understanding of advanced technical applications that may turn out to be tomorrow’s “normal” techniques. They also learn to utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math skills in a practical application.

We salute Shell and the 2016 Shell Eco-marathon Americas competitors as they make history this weekend. Thank you for supporting Manufacturing Day, and for all your hard work!