AMC Membership
Membership to the AMC may be held by any entity of the manufacturing ecosystem that has a viable economic interest to the stability and growth of manufacturing in the NW Ohio region, or who engages directly in manufacturing operations. This includes, but not limited to:
  1. Manufacturers
  2. Suppliers
  3. Economic development groups
  4. Education K-12
  5. Career Centers
  6. State and local agencies
  7. Employment service agencies and staffing firms
  8. Other stakeholders in the manufacturing ecosystem
Membership Benefits

  1. Three (3) unnamed seats to consortium sponsored activities and events
  2. Dual Membership to the Ohio Lean Consortium
  3. Discounts on applicable training and education opportunities
  4. Professional and business-to-business networking opportunities
  5. Sharing of advanced manufacturing best practices
  6. Opportunity to be spotlighted as manufacturer of the month
  7. Subscription to AMC mailing list, publications, and communications
  8. Create Sustainability and make a meaningful impact on NW Ohio Manufacturing
AMC Membership Dues

Membership to the AMC will run on an annual (12-month) basis from January 1 – December 31. Members will be notified for Renewal of Membership in November of each calendar year. Membership dues for the AMC are set at:

  • $250 per annum

Annual dues are not prorated. AMC membership dues will go to support MEP sponsored activities within the AMC and will not be used to fund programs or initiatives outside of the AMC.

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