Proclamations are a great way to engage elected officials on Manufacturing Day

Proclamations are a great way to get elected officials to recognize and honor manufacturing and Manufacturing DaySMcelebrations. Anyone can ask for a proclamation – a manufacturer, a member of the Chamber of Commerce or economic development team from a region, or someone who is serving as an area organizer of MFG DAY events. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling the office of your mayor, county board chairman, or congressional representative.

Generally local proclamations are issued at meetings of the city council or county board. Experience has shown that when you ask for a proclamation about a month before a meeting date, you can usually be accommodated. For example, if you’d like to have a proclamation issued at the September meeting of your city council, ask for it in August. When
they come from the governor’s office they are usually not tied to a meeting date. Getting a proclamation is one sure way to grab the attention of your elected official and be able to invite them to participate by attending your event.

What should the proclamation say?

The biggest question we hear at MFG DAY is “what should the proclamation say”? A government office will usually have plenty of general information available about manufacturing in their city, county, or state that they can include in the proclamation. If you are requesting a proclamation and are asked for ideas about what can be written, a great place to go for ideas is the Proclamations page of There you can look through a large number of already posted proclamations from this year and last year. You’ll come away with lots of good ideas. Once you have obtained a proclamation, be sure to scan it and post it on the proclamations page of for others to see.