Why Choose NSCC to Sponsor your Registered Apprentice Program?

Custom Training Soutions (CTS), a div. of Northwest State Community College will provide sponsorship for any business that implements a Registered Apprentice program!

Why Choose a Registered Apprentice (RA) Program?

  • The workforce labor shortage is going to continually get worse
  • There are more retirees than high school graduates
  • Provides a stable and predictable pipeline of qualified, skilled, and productive workers
  • Proven training model dating back to the civil war
  • Reduces turnover rate
  • Increases knowledge transfer through mentorship
  • Lowers the cost of recruitment
  • Increases employee loyalty

Why choose Northwest State as your workforce solution?

  • Northwest State Community College has served over 9,000 apprentice students since 1980
  • Our technical instructors have real world manufacturing knowledge and skills
  • Our regular technical courses are all competency based and delivered in 8 weeks in order to up-skill your employees more effectively and efficiently
  • NSCC/CTS can provide multiple delivery options for the related instruction
  • All of our courses are for college credit and stackable towards other NSCC certificates or degrees

Why Choose (CTS) as your RA sponsor?

  • Custom Training Solutions has a Workforce and Apprentice Program Manager that provides a single point of contact for the employer
  • CTS can provide technical assistance in setting up your RA program which includes both your related instruction and on-the-job learning
  • CTS is able to create customizable solutions to your workforce training needs
  • CTS will be the intermediary sponsor of the RA program which means CTS holds the relationship with the State of Ohio (Apprentice Ohio) and will coordinate the following activities:
    1. Registration of participating employer program
    2. Registration of participating employer Apprentices
    3. Monitoring of participating employer RA programs
    4. Monitoring of participating employer Apprentices
    5. Reporting on RA programs and RA Apprenticeship
    6. All state audits are the responsibility of NSCC and CTS

    For more information contact: Tori Atkinson 419-267-1219